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The FXT thermostats are a range of compact hazardous area thermostats that provide smart and energy-efficient temperature management for heaters up to 2kW, and can be engineered (upon request) with custom set-points to suit individual requirements.

FXT thermostats are designed to complement the FX, FXE and FXS range of enclosure heaters, but can also be utilised for many other standalone applications. They are additionally certified for use in hazardous areas where the atmosphere is classified as a Zone 1 or 2 (IIA, IIB, IIC) Gas Group or a Zone 21 or 22 (IIIA, IIIB, IIIC) Dust Group.

The FXT thermostats are offered in the following variants:

FXT Flameproof Air Sensing Thermostats
The FXT Flameproof Air Sensing thermostats are designed to be paired with the FXE range of heaters - featuring the FXE's radial-fin profile, and are mounted vertically by bracket or rail. Standalone FXT Flameproof Air Sensing thermostats are supplied with cables fitted through certified cable glands for termination.

FXT-DI and FXT-DR Flameproof Thermostats
FXT-DR and FXT-DI flameproof thermostats provide control for larger heaters (up to 2kW), and can be integrated with the FX range of enclosure heaters to provide a single heating and control product. They are available in remote (FXT-DR) or inline (FXT-DI) variants, and are capable of operating in ambient temperatures as high as 195°C. The FXT-DR and FXT-DI thermostats are also housed in a hard anodised aluminium enclosure, making them suitable for marine environments.

FXT-M Encapsulated Inline Thermostats
The FXT-M encapsulated inline thermostats have been developed as a space-saving temperature control solution capable of switching small and medium sized heaters to maintain a pre-determined ambient temperature. Comprising a specialised electronic potting compound, stainless steel shroud and polyolefin sheath, the FXT-M is a robust and lightweight thermostat requiring practically zero maintenance. Suitable for operating in ambient temperatures up to +80°C, the FXT-M can be combined with the FX range of enclosure heaters to provide a single heating and control product. Alternatively, when supplied with up to 10m of cable, the FXT-M can be installed to control any electrical item inside a cabinet or enclosure.

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