Quality Assurance

EXHEAT Industrial is a Total Quality Environment committed to continuous improvement to ensure that customers' requirements are met and backed up by a level of service necessary to operate in today's global market place. EXHEAT Industrial operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the internationally recognised benchmark standard ISO 9001:2015 and which additionally meets the Quality Assurance requirements of both the European ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU) and Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and the international IECEx scheme. Products manufactured for the European market are CE marked and meet the requirements of the European Low Voltage, EMC and Machinery Directives.


EXHEAT Industrial holds approvals from North America, Europe and globally through the IECEx scheme for the manufacture of electrical heating equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres:

IECEx International Standard for Equipment used in Explosive Atmospheres

IECEx is and international conformity standard for equipment that is used in explosive atmospheres.

The IECEx scheme, which is based on IEC standards offers a single international assessment and test report for acceptance in all participating countries eliminating the need for duplicate testing. The IECEx Scheme is accepted in 22 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

EXHEAT specialise in the design and manufacture of electric heaters which are mostly used for heating explosive substances such as oil, gas and in hazardous areas. The IECEx standard ensures that EXHEAT electric heaters are designed and manufactures for save use in such applications.

EXHEAT offer a full range of IECEx industrial electric tank immersion heaters, process flow heaters and electric heating skids for a variety of applications in hazardous areas. Typical applications for certified ATEX heaters include fuel gas heaters, fuel oil heaters, glycol reboilers, TEG heaters, MEG heaters, water heaters, air heaters and heaters for specialised industrial processes. EXHEAT IECEx heaters for hazardous areas are certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Product Certifications


Product Range Certificates
HEF Type Anti-Condensation Heater IECEx ITS 19.0024X
FP Type Liquid, Gas or Air Immersion Heater IECEx LCI 06 0006 X
HFT and AFT Type Flameproof Thermostat IECEx LCI 07 0003 X
FWD and FWD-T Type Flameproof Air Warmer IECEx LCI 07 0005 X
FAW and FCR Type Air Warmer and Convector IECEx ITS 22.0024X
HIH Flameproof Instrument Housing IECEx LCI 08 0025 X
FXE Type Enclosure Heater IECEx LCI 12 0008 X
FXT Type Thermostat IECEx LCI 12 0030 X
MFH Portable Fan Heater IECEx ITS 17.0012X
FX/FXS Enclosure Heaters IECEx ULD 16.0002X
HFT and AFT Range of Flameproof Thermostats IECEx SIR 18.0053X
LFH Fixed Fan Heater IECEx ITS 18.0040X


Scope Certificates
Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015 FM 26078
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